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Corralea's BBQ Hut

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

In Scandinavia, BBQ huts were know as “grillkota” which is a Finnish word meaning “grill house”.

The modern day take on a Grillkota is a barbecue cabin, providing an all weather BBQ cooking area, large enough for eating, socialising and entertaining.

A grillkota was a traditional hut used by generations of Sami reindeer herders to come together, gather around the fire and cook the meat from their hunt. Originally tent structures, and later constructed from wood and covered with reindeer hides for shelter from the elements, Grillkotas were a central part of life for the nomadic herdsmen in the Artic Lapland.

Today’s modern BBQ huts are based on the traditional living quarters of the indigenous Sami people from Northern Lapland that look similar to a teepee.

In most Scandinavian countries, BBQ huts are a way of life– many homes have them in their garden and in the isolated wilderness of the forests, huts can be found in clearings for all to use. These forest BBQ huts are there for communities to come together in the fresh air, for families to enjoy outdoor eating, to spend more quality time together.

Three things really struck me from our first experience of the BBQ hut:

1. The spruce scent that grabs your senses as you step inside the hut transports your imagination to a Nordic forest. It relaxes, calms and inspires.

2. The space inside the hut is much more roomy than you would expect looking at it from outside. The circular shape with the fire pit in its centre creates a cosy, safe and convivial atmosphere where everyone can see and hear each other.

3. The hut is a sanctuary of calm and comfort regardless of the weather. You can enjoy the crackle of the fire, the smell of the wood and the taste of toasted marshmallows -surrounded by wood with windows opening to the outdoors, you feel really connected with nature.

In the Spring and Summer you can enjoy alfresco dining without the risk of a soaking…

In fact any weather is BBQ weather!!

Corralea BBQ Hut

Our Hut is merely a few metres from the cottages, situated in its own area with a picnic table to arrange your buffet and oak whiskey barrels from Milltate Barrels (Aged on the Antrim Coast - Perfected in Fermanagh) to create that beer garden atmosphere. It has replaced our old tipi which was damaged during the storms (after many years of use by groups and families) and we are really happy with our new addition to the site.

For Residents:

You can hire the BBQ hut for a special family reunion, for the first evening of a social gathering or simply for a guaranteed comfortable barbecue with your family and friends. Please note it must be booked in advance.

The Hut accommodates 12-15 people comfortably. It is yours for the whole evening. We include charcoal and logs, bamboo plates and cutlery, barbecue utensils.

The fairy lights inside and outside give it its magical feel and create this oasis of cosy warmth, great food, and family memories that will last a lifetime.

For Day trippers:

This Summer you can book the BBQ hut for 2 hours for a barbecue after your canoe or SUP hire. Our staff will have the fire ready for you to grill your food as you come off the lake. You must bring your own food and book in advance.


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