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The building of our Sauna

In the Autumn of 2019 and totally unaware of what was to come in 2020, we surfed the web in search of an eco sauna we could install on the edge of the lake.

Our choice was limited by the fact we had no electricity near the lake and we wanted to invest in an ecological sauna (as we were aware of their high energy needs).

Our research turned towards Nordic countries. These usually offered sauna facilities in the heart of the wilderness and this idea appealed to us.

We started to imagine and visualise a sauna in the middle of the forest on the shores of Lough Macnean: it could be heated with wood harvested from our forest and we could jump in the lake for a cool dip.

I had some reservations and mixed feelings about the sauna though… My experience in leisure centres or indoor spas was not always fulfilling: I enjoyed the heat but not the claustrophobic feeling of sitting on wooden benches in a small dark sweaty room.

So, when we came across this Lithuanian company TimberIn, offering beehive shaped wood fired saunas with the option of a panoramic window, it was a no-brainer!!!

The company had already sold wood fired saunas in Ireland so we could check with past customers the company’s credentials and their after sale service.

The sauna arrived in February 2020, a lot of storms prevented us from starting the build until the end of February, it was erected just a few weeks before Lockdown.

This video clip retraces our journey…

I have now no hesitations about saunas… in fact what better place to de-stress than inside a hot pod looking out onto Lough Macnean and Thur Mountain.

I can sit there happily for hours (well not quite!!) nice and comfortable in a little cocoon totally immersed in the landscape, quality time punctuated by invigorating dips in the lake to cool down.

You never get tired of the view, in fact the lake changes all the time and it is even more pleasant in stormy weather when you really appreciate the heat & gaze at the elements raging outside.

I get that WOW feeling every time… and I am happy to say, so do our customers.

Have a look at our Recharge & Chill experience...


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