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Travelling during Lockdown…

Our Weekly Escape to beat the Winter blues and re-connect with our love of travelling.

At Corralea, we enjoy eating & cooking (very much influenced by the French way of life), food is always part of celebrations and quality time with family.

Now it has also become our escape to travel the world...

Sitting comfortably in a cosy room, we spin the globe, close our eyes and eagerly discover where we will be going that week.

Next, Delphine embarks on some research to prepare a traditional meal from that country using local ingredients. We research some interesting facts and we all transport ourselves for an evening away. Everyone makes an effort to dress appropriately, compile a music list or a couple of videos (YouTube is great for that) for an unusual globetrotter experience.

So far we have visited:

  • Equatorial Guinea in Central Africa

  • Uruguay in South America

  • Bosnia Herzegovina in Europe

  • Japan in Asia

Here are some of our Food Escapes:

We’ve learned that the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo on the island of Bioko is much closer to Cameroon than to the main land. Equatorial Guinea is a rich oil country but three quarters of its people live on less than a dollar a day!

In contrast, Uruguay, South America’s smallest country, is a progressive country with the lowest poverty index in Latin America, extensive public health coverage and almost 100% access to running water.

Japan provided us with great laughs as we tried to master the skills of eating with chopsticks and learned all about chopsticks etiquette: When you are not using your chopsticks, or have finished eating, lay them down in front of you with the tips to the left.

Lola managed very well, whilst Marley created her own eating style...

Menu: Home made Sushi and Ramen.

Fun fact: Did you know eating while walking is considered bad mannered in Japan? You must sit down or at least stand in a place away from pedestrian traffic when enjoying a meal or snack!

I wonder where the next spin of the globe will transport us to?


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