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Making a Difference

Corralea Cottages & Corralea Activity Centre Ltd are family run businesses situated on the shores of Upper Lough Macnean, set in 16 acres of natural woodland.

Corralea site

We are constantly trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint and encourage our customers to do likewise.

This is achieved by promoting the 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle.

Nature trails and short cycle trails have been developed on site for our residents.

Corralea Cottages

We have taken measures to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our Energy use:

  • Solar panels heat water to complement the cottages’ oil central heating.

  • A wood stove takes central place in every cottage and provides heat and pleasure. The wood is harvested in our own forest.

  • We use green electricity. Meters are read before and after customers stay, and customers only pay for what they use.

  • We use A appliances and low energy/sensor lights.

  • We conserve water by controlling our water flow from taps and toilets.

  • We strive to reduce our use of chemicals and where possible replace them with environmentally safe products. Products are bought in bulk and refilled in smaller bottles for customer use.

  • We encourage our customers to re-connect & respect Nature and get immersed in the natural environment whilst enjoying the eco-friendly activities offered by Corralea Activity Centre Ltd on site: canoeing, biking, climbing, archery, SUP.

  • We work with our community to protect our area from destructive and unsustainable industries. We are active members of FFAN (Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network): preventing the fossil fuel industry in fracking our area and destroying our water, environment and air quality.

  • We work to ensure that tourism makes a positive social contribution so that it benefits our community as well as our guests. Customers are provided with information on local pubs, shops, restaurants, amenities and encouraged to support local businesses.

  • We engage with other businesses in promoting our region and our Geopark as a sustainable tourism destination.

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