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Unique Outdoor Spa in Fermanagh

Welcome to a really special place: a little piece of paradise in a forest on the edge of the lake where relaxation is of the essence.

We are so grateful to have had the support of FODC and TourismNI to complete and improve our Forest Eco Spa to make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the Tourism Excellence Programme run by FODC, we got professional help to prepare financial projections and secure funding from TNI capital grant scheme. This allowed us to develop in a very measured way our Forest Eco Spa, extending our season and use in winter months. Improvements were carefully calculated to ensure our Eco Spa didn’t lose its appeal, its true connection with nature and its exclusive private use.

The Ground Work

No trees were cut, we worked around them…

We want to thank in particular Martin Scott, Letterbreen, for all the clearance work, landscaping and new path. His work was very tricky as he maneuvered his machinery between trees and existing hot tub and sauna. Nothing was too much bother for him and we valued his experience and advice.

Bollard lights and electrical wiring was done by Lakeland Electrical Services Ltd.. Again we want to thank Alan Mulligan and his team for their prompt response and cooperation.

Our Relaxation Pod

Our relaxation pod was purchased with the same company as our existing sauna to match our sauna and complete our Forest Eco Spa. As anything imported from Europe these days, it wasn’t quite plain sailing, there were delays and obstacles but our pod finally arrived...

Next, was the erecting of the pod: because of its location in the middle of the forest, away from the lane, the pod had to be bought in kit, carried to the site and erected manually.

The main problem was the weight of the base and some of the elements for unloading and carrying to the site….but we managed to find some creative solutions with the help of skateboards!!! With help, the pod was built in an afternoon and completed with shingle tiles and trims in a day.

Here is a little clip of our project from beginning to end:

We are extremely happy with the results.

A new path with bollard lights brings you to our self-contained Forest Eco Spa:

  • The wood-fired hot tub has no bubbles, it offers peace and stillness so you can listen to the breeze rustling in the trees above your head or star gaze in the evening.

  • The nordic wood-fired sauna with its panoramic window overlooking Upper Lough Macnean and the Leitrim hills is like a cocoon protecting you from the elements and yet connecting you with the lake only a few metres away.

  • The relaxation pod with its mini fridge and wooden loungers offers that little extra comfort to really enjoy fully the whole experience.

"A Day of Sérénité"

Our new experience “A Day of Sérénité”, is a blissful combination of a gentle outdoor activity and bit of self indulgence!

In the morning, you can choose canoe or ebike hire, get your body moving with some gentle exercise. Then, in the afternoon, relax in our secluded Eco Spa with exclusive use of hot tub, sauna & relaxation pod. Complimentary drinks and treats complete this out of this world experience.

A truly Stress Free Day, immersed in nature... a chance to recharge body, mind & soul. Ideal day for a special anniversary or a real treat between friends.

You can read more about our "Day of Sérénité" on our dedicated page:


This is what one of our latest customers at a hen weekend said about our Outdoor Spa:

"... we had the most amazing spa day at the sauna and hot tub. The photos of the scenery here do not do it justice. There was also a relaxation hut equipped with a fridge, tea and coffee making facilities and deck chairs. The staff laid on beautiful pastries and prosecco for us, we were speechless. Talk about luxury, it was hospitality at its finest." May 2021.

Special thanks to :

Karen McLernon (FODC), Liesa Johnston (The Fourum), Eilish Devlin (Ardean), Aisling McAllister (TourismNI) and of course the whole family team.


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